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by obitus1990 posted Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:04 am

I am offering KS ROM programming services for Amiga computers. They will be written to UV Eproms, provided by me and included in the price. You must be able to prove to me that you have purchased the KS you want programmed, especially the newest version 3.1.4 -- you provide the ROM and a snapshot of your purchase receipt from Hyperion.

Prices: A500/600/2000 (all single ROM systems): $10 plus shipping + 4% paypal fees if sending as goods/services payment
A1200/A3000/A4000 (all dual ROM systems): $18 plus shipping + 4% paypal fees if sending as goods/services payment

Items will be sent via USPS first class mail to keep shipping costs down, and will be sent in a padded envelope, inside of ESD safe plastic tubing. Likely, shipping will be under $5 when sent anywhere in the USA.

Payment via Paypal -- if you want to send it as a goods/services payment, the prices will be adjusted to reflect the 4% Paypal takes as a service charge. No fees if sent as friends/family.

Note on shipping: I am only able to ship these out on FRIDAYS when I am off from work and can get to the post office and get a receipt for the shipping/tracking.
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by Dynamic_Computing posted Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:04 pm

That is just fantastic! Thanks for helping out the community! I just had Paul burn mine two weeks ago, but I will surely spread the word for others!
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