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EU - The Netherlands

by Tekk posted Wed May 08, 2019 1:06 pm

Hi. Found out about this forum because I follow you on Twitter.

Been an Amigan for 25+ years. Started with a 500. Read about it in a magazine and I've must have read that specific article a 1000 times before I got the money together. After that sold the 500 and got a 2000 with a GVP SCSI HD. Costs an arm and a leg.

A few years later I bought a CD32 and a few 500s for free from a friend which I all sold. Same with the 2000 a few years ago. During my study I also acquired a 4000 for free. And half a year a ago bought a 1200 for €100,- of which I sold most of the peripherals witch basicly made it free as well :)

The 4000 was recapped in Denmark (TbTorro :) and the 1200 was a mess and was a recapped and cleaned (wonderful job) by a guy (hese) in Finland :) At the moment I'm waiting for a new casing for the 1200 and the Vampire1200. I joined the Indigogo campaign and bought the black casing. And the Vampire 1200 needs to be released - but when?

For the 4000 I'm thinking of buying the ZZ9000 from MNTMN. Very cool project. Target is end of June - so I believe. https://shop.mntmn.com/products/zz9000- ... a-preorder


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