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Maryland, USA

by motrucker posted Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:09 pm

I haven't checked much out here yet. I'm hopeful though....
I see some old friends are already here. That's how I ended up here..
I still use an A2000, with an GVP '040, 2Bg hard drive, DVD drive, and FF/SD to an old NEC 3D multisync. I may ad some "new" stuff soon.
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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:40 pm

Welcome, Motrucker! So glad to have you join. Deeply honored you took the plunge - I've seen your posts on Lemon for ages.

I, too, am running a 2000 these days as my daily driver. Although I have 2 1200s and a 500, too.

But right now I'm on the 2000 with a GVP Series 2 with 4MB RAM SCSI and 50MB HDD, CSA Derringer 030 (2MB chip upgrade, 33MHz (technically 31.5 according to SysInfo) and another 4MB Fast RAM), with dual floppies and a 44MB SyQuest drive. I also have a 200 MB SQ drive on a shelf, but am not using it right now. I have purchased and am awaiting an AztecMonster from Japan to get a CF HDD going. Hopefully it'll arrive in about 1-2 weeks.

Welcome from Seattle WA to Maryland!

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