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by bonoedgey posted Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:06 pm

Hello everyone.

I have been lurching in this forum for about a month or so. I am ready to introduce myself I believe. Name's bonoedgey, come from the great white north of Canada (not as cold as people think :P ) I am rather new to the Commodore Amiga scene. First off before I go any further.. I want to give a big shout out and thank you to intric8 for the wonderful sticker. Its going on my monitor side for sure.

Just had to get that out.. so thanks again intric8.. greatly appreciated and have already shared the site to others around me. Ok where was I...oh yes.. I am rather new to the Amiga scene per say.. new enough that I must confess I don't really understand some bits yet.. Some goes over my head quite a bit.. other things I believe I have a good grasp of. I am greatly fascinated with Amiga. I want to branch out and be part of a community that shares my although new.. passion none the less.

Little history.. although I am just getting around understanding AmigaOs etc.. I am not new to the Commodore scene in general. I grew up back in the 80s with a C64 breadbin and a wonderful for the time (I was a kid.. I didn't care) 13inch b/w tv for a monitor.. I think back now and I go yikes.. but playing games on it was all I cared.. color came after with a monitor meant for the C64 (1802 monitor I believe). I remember going through the compute magazines trying to program basic games.. (see what I did there :P ..ok I will stop with the goofiness :) ) . But enough with Commodore's other big boy.. its about amiga here.

I am like I said very new to Amiga scene... I found it kinda when I was growing up as a " I hope to maybe get to play on one of those at least some day" system. They seemed to be kinda out of my range and reach as my parents were content with my C64 .. and really I was too.. but as I grew up and went to the PC scene (still have a C64 kicking around.. different monitor now though) I was always seeing Amiga screenshots especially in the early games era.. They were always better looking than the IBM and clones at the time. That of course grew my *sigh I want one* feelings :)

Well yrs went by and I have managed to get one of these beautiful machines. I have actually managed to get a few various ones through various means. The systems are pretty darn expensive at times it seems but I have been very fortunate and lucky to manage a few.
I think one of the first things I want to accomplish is to just understand the AmigaOs a bit more. I seem to have a bit of knowledge here and there.. but its fragmented it seems.. My Amiga has a CF IDE in it and I mean I understand that .. what I mean is I want to be able to maneuver around and understand kinda the equivalent of windows/OSX for amiga .. like doing everyday things I mean. (man that sounds goofy just there.. but I am going to leave that sentence up just cause its the best at the moment how I can describe.) I can get into more details at another time.. as I am diving into it and learning on the fly..

My intro is not meant to be this long winded.. I just wanted to finally jot something down in here. It seems to be a great place to start relations with fellow Amiga admirers/lovers.. and even of retro stuff in general.

Thank you for all taking the time to read my intro.. sorry its kinda long.. As I am writing this on the wkend.. I hope that all of you have a great rest of the weekend.

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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:40 pm

Bonoedgey! Thanks so much for taking the plunge and diving in! I've seen you around the site before but you'd never dropped a peep - until now. So glad you did.

And you are absolutely welcome for the sticker. It's the least I can do to my online buddies (around the world!) which I've been lucky enough to meet through this amazing computer and brand.

I grew up back in the 80s with a C64 breadbin and a wonderful for the time
Dude, you are preaching to the choir. I was exactly like you - I had a C64 and that's all I ever got. I saw an Amiga at a store and nearly fainted when I saw what it looked like. Then I saw the price, and nearly fainted again. (It was an Amiga 1000, so it was a few grand even back then.) Don't feel bad - some of us here have been using Amigas since day one, but some of us (including yours truly) came to it later in life as well.

And that doesn't make the obsession any less fierce.

I also know exactly how you feel poking around Amiga OS as a beginner. I felt the same way. And in fact, that is partly why I created this site: to document my discoveries in-depth when I figure things out. And that's even if the things I'm writing about are drop dead "duh" for Amiga graybeards.

Here are a couple of things you might find handy. And again, I have a 45 year-old brain. I wrote these so I could reference them - and I have! More than once. Stupid brain... But I got tired of trying to hunt down these pieces of info across 5 different forums that have been around for over 15 years.

Now, there's a lot I don't know about your setup. Are you running 1.3? 3.1?

Either way, it's not exactly easy to look at your files and move things around. BITD (Back in the Day) there was a fabulous piece of software out of Australia (published in North America out of Dallas) called OPUS, aka Directory Opus, aka DOpus.

Anyway, I'm kind of an Amiga Workbench 1.3 die-hard and am currently running DOpus 3. I was actually writing a post about this very piece of awesome software tonight but I'm not done.

In any case, I highly recommend you get a copy of DOpus 3, 4 or 5 depending on your OS. If you are running 1.3, DiskMaster is another awesome option to look for. This will suddenly make your life feel quite a bit more ... normal. Especially for just finding and moving things around. And if you can't find the software let me know. I can make ADFs. And if you don't know what to do with ADFs (Amiga Disk File) that's OK, too. You'll get there.

Question: do you know how to move files from a PC to your Amiga? That's pretty much a perfect place to start, if not.
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by bonoedgey posted Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:10 pm

Hey there intric8...
thank you for those links you posted .. and have created. I will definitely keep them on tab for a while while I am learning.
I appreciate the effort.
Thank you about letting me know about the Directory Opus program. I have not heard of that before but going to look into it.

intric8 wrote:Bonoedgey! Thanks so much for taking the plunge and diving in! I've seen you around the site before but you'd never dropped a peep - until now. So glad you did.

I am pretty darn glad I did too :)

intric8 wrote: Now, there's a lot I don't know about your setup. Are you running 1.3? 3.1?

Silly me for not sharing that when I said I have a few.. I have 1.3 and 3.0 (yes not 3.1 however I do have the ROMs for 3.1 just haven't applied them yet. I have an A500 (1Mb with trapdoor) , and I have an A1200 (that has I believe a 8MB expansion on it making it 10MB ? I believe) . The 1200 is the one that has the WHDLoad and CF booting straight to I think workbench. I have checked my Roms on it and its 3.0. I know that its the "fancy" Amiga by some. I am just getting into it really though.. as its a reminder to me of what I said the other night. It having all the stuff loaded up already when I boot it has me not really know exactly how at this point yet.. but I am determined to understand.. I don't imagine I will load anything more on it .. (it has bunch of games by WHDLoad.. ) not at least for some time yet. I tend to be like what you seem to be .. and love the drives still.. In fact I am in the same boat with the CRTs too as I got a monitor for it recently.
I showed you a pic of it on twitter I believe (handle BubbaGMP). I got lots of likes on it which was very cool :D

intric8 wrote: Question: do you know how to move files from a PC to your Amiga? That's pretty much a perfect place to start, if not.

I don't at the moment know how to do that exactly yet. I have seen some software and such that is suppose to help the process but haven't quite looked thoroughly into it yet.

Hey thanks for the nice welcome :) I have lots to learn I know.. but I am eager and hungry for it . :) BTW I think your A1000 is a beauty :) I love the thought of the original with the signatures on the inside. It just looks like a beautiful setup in my view as well .
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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:44 pm

OK well if you have any questions or need any help, feel free. I may not have the answer but I am pretty sure someone around here will.

In terms of moving files from the PC to the Amiga, I recommend going through this article just to get familiar. That's the article that really started this site. I'm a Mac guy, so I actually had to go buy an old PC just do move files across. I didn't learn until a couple of months ago that a modern PC would have worked, too, via USB. There's a USB-to-serial adapter I wish I'd known about 2 years ago. . . Anyhoo...

Regardless, that's a good place to think things through. I have a TON of software on floppies, and still buy more. I really prefer the whole boxed software experience. But if that doesn't work out (it happens) it's good to have a backup plan. And that means having a PC to move ADF files over to the Amiga when you need them. It's super handy. And cheaper. ;)

Oh, and PM me here on Amiga Love. There's a fantastic repository I've hooked into where you can find nearly anything - mostly cracks, but it's a better than nothing. So once you learn how to move files across you can move quite a bit if you know what you're looking for. It's a slow process but pretty seamless.

Incidentally, if you decide to pick up DOpus, be sure to get the one that'll work for your computer/WB of choice. On my 1000/2000 I use DOpus 3.22. I think version 4+ it requires OS 3.0.

In any case, sounds like you have a pretty sweet collection there. Looking forward to hearing about your journey with Amiga! :)

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