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Posted Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:17 am

Well... Nostalgia has finally gotten to me.
As a 45 y old, I used to have an Amiga as my main computer in my youth after having used the C64.
Absolutely loved the machine and the way it blew the competition out of the water back then.
Learned to create 3D rendering and - of course - played a lot of classic games!
Of course we all new what happened the first part of the 90s and Amiga slowly faded away in the mist of memories...
Enter the raspberry pi: checked out that little machine, quickly got drawn into retro gaming and the amiga emulation scene.
That opened the nostalgic floodgates! Now I want it all: a dedicated rpi built, find a working original model (preferably the A1200), even looking into those new genertion machines (X5000)
I now remember again: I LOVED Amiga

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:25 pm

Welcome, Eurfs! Thanks so much for joining. There are lots of discussions here about the emulation scene, and a ton more about using classic hardware (and a few in-between of mixing both).

Here are a few posts that might interest you right off the bat;
Amiga 500 Raspberry Pi Non Destructive Case Mod
Amiga 600 FPGA (MiSTer) Conversion
And stay tuned in this space, as Mattsoft is nearing the release of his unbelievable new project, an Amiga 1000 MiSTer conversion!

Having seen and used his Amiga 600 MiSTer, I personally like it more than the rPi. But it's a much tougher build. The cores are spot on, though. They look and feel like the real thing.

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