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Posted Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:41 am

Hmm I am surprised I haven't already signed up here, ok am here now :)
I am the person working on ProXima3 among other things... oh and just finished ReshootR with Richard...

My Amiga blog

I am investigating the possibility of porting our current PC game to Amiga platform, possibly AmigaOS or Vampire.
more info here :)

Nice to be here :)

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:32 am

@invent Welcome! Very cool for you to join our little community.

I'm certain I watched and listened to you demo your game with Amiga Bill in the past week or two. It looks gorgeous!

If you port to Amiga, would you aim at a stock A500? Or go into higher CPU/RAM requirements?
Honestly I think the Switch's screen and controls seem ideal as a platform goes.

I also very much enjoy looking at your design process. Some of your animation cells remind me of S.E.U.C.K. to some degree except about 1000X better and cooler.

Great to have you here!

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Posted Thu Feb 21, 2019 4:32 pm

Thankyou for your kind words :)

At this moment in time Iridium game would have to be on two systems that we are investigating at the moment:

- Vampire based Amiga (we have some discussions on the apollo forum, just checking some technical details)
- AmigaOS (easier port, private discussions at the moment)

However, as all 3 developers are big Amiga fans, I'm sure we will give all assets for someone to port it to any Amiga platform.
I would suggest people keep playing the excellent Uridium I, II games on the Amiga as they are excellent.

I have thought though once I have a window of time, to create Amiga concepts but it was going to be aimed at AGA machines.

Speaking with James/Bastich our Coder another game that would be alot easier port to Amiga's is our remake of Lunar Jetman (I can already see some ways using the copper tricks to create the parallaxing etc... more info on that game here.

We are planning on enhancing this game further.

Yes we would really love to get Iridium on NintendoSwitch, so while we only have 11 days to go, I need to keep my head down and work on more level design graphics for it. Introducing some Amiga/copper related themes to the game :)

Back to stock Amiga's, I do have plans on other games for the machine and hopefully a few for the very first Amiga 1000 (unexpanded) as this was a very fond memory seeing the machine in the shops, and walking past it for 6+ months... eventually bought A500 when it came out.

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Posted Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:36 pm


New OCS games that run on 512K chip RAM? Yes, please.

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Zippy Zapp

Posted Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:49 pm

Welcome, and very cool projects you have going, thanks for sharing.

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Toronto, Canada

Posted Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:20 pm

great to see you here too Kevin! & congrats on your Iridium kickstarter :D

btw, my A1200 & A4000 can't wait to play Reshoot-R <3

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Posted Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:13 pm

Thankyou A1-X1000,

Latest info on ReshootR, Richard is working on code for one of the bosses, and hopes to get the game released very soon, target is end of March :)

Also AmigaBill will be doing a live stream on his Twitch channel soon.

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Roseville, CA

Posted Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:22 pm

Hey Kevin, welcome. I think I recognize you from BITD Newtek forums. Did you go by kevau or something like that? I was a big Toaster and LW user and used LW professionally all the way up until about 2008. Still one of the best one-man-studio toolchains to this day. Mostly lurked in that forum and leeched info but I seem to remember something like that.

Awesome to have you here. I backed Iridium and it looks like I need to add a few others to my list. They all look sweet!

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Posted Thu Mar 07, 2019 6:32 pm

Hi Mr Toast :)

I wish I could say it was me, I certainly was a lurker and still am of the forum, not as much as all the Amiga forums though :)

Thanks for your support for Iridium, a few Amigans have supported us which is Awesome. Besides hiding a few Amiga references in the game, we are still very keen on an Amiga version.

We are keen on an Amiga version, don't think I posted here but we do have open conversations on the Vampire site

AmigaOS private at this stage. As soon as there is any news we will let everyone know.

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