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Free AmigaLove stickers, Part II

by intric8 Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:47 am

A new batch of Amiga Love stickers has arrived just in time for the holidays.
I just got a new batch of stickers. If you'd like one sent to you free of charge, simply PM me with your full name and address.

And if you don't mind, type your address out like it should be written on an envelope. Sometimes I get addresses for places that are international (to me) and I really don't know how your local post office would prefer to see the address.

That's it. Oh! And when you receive it, either post a picture of the sticker next to your Amiga (or whatever you use today) or where you plan to stick it, and post a pic of it here! You can see some of the pics from the previous batch over here. <3

The stickers are approximately 3"x3".
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