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Game Comments

by intric8 Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:13 am

When I added the Games Library to near the beginning, one of the features I added later was Comments for games. As the Games Library and all of its associated pages are completely outside the normal forum experience, it lacks some of the same features.

The key feature the comments lack, unfortunately, is notifications. So if you comment on a game, I often don't know you've done it until days later (I have a way to see all comments ever created on games pages... but don't check it every day. Maybe I should.)

But even if I or someone else replies to one of your comments, you'd not know it unless you went back to the Game page and checked on it. It's very 1999 commenting, I know.

I do hope to get that sorted eventually. Tapping into the forum's notification/email system is no short order, however.

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