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by dalek posted Wed May 23, 2018 7:42 am

Hey great board layout but one request if you please?

Most forums when showing results for an unread posts search will include an icon to click for each thread that will take you directly to your most recent unread post in that thread. This seems to be missing here - any way we could get it added?

It helps with context when opening up a thread not having to scroll past posts you've already seen.

Hope that makes sense - thanks!
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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Wed May 23, 2018 8:48 am

Hey there

Just so I understand. When you come to, if you see a red area on the left of the homepage, that means there's new unread stuff in there (you already know this, I know).

It's sort of hidden, but on the far-right of the screen, there is a link to the most recent addition for a given board.


And if you click through to a forum, on the far-right each of those links would take you to the last post on a given thread. So if one of those topics is red, then you should be able to find the most recent additions. If it's really active sometimes you have to scroll up to see where you left off.

But I'll be honest. I don't use those a ton. There is a way on each board to "subscribe" to them - and even at the topic level.

A long time ago, I simply went across the top of each forum and Subscribed to each one.
For example, for The Lounge you'd see this:

If you click that eyeball icon, any time a new message is added to The Lounge, you'll get an email notification with a link that goes straight to the new post. While that sounds obnoxious, the community is so small here I might get a small handful of emails a day (maybe 2-3 on an average day). And if I click the link it just shoots me straight there.

But If I forget, and just go to the homepage, I follow the big red blocks and click their corresponding links on the far right. The only "downside" is you can only see the link jumps on mobile web if you are in landscape mode for size reasons. You'd not see those jumps at all in portrait mode.

In desktop, you pretty much can see everything all of the time.

Is that helpful? Or are you looking for something else and I've totally missed it?
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by dalek posted Wed May 23, 2018 5:49 pm

thanks for your reply - not really what I was after, I have no trouble finding threads with unread posts, just going directly to the first unread post in a thread. It's not a big deal just a difference to my normal forum perusing "workflow".

On "other" forums there is usually a link just to the left of the title that will append &goto=newpost


But looking close I see that this board needs "&view=unread#unread" appended to take you straight to the latest unread post. So if in the results view it is possible to add an icon or link to append that to the thread link that would do the job.

It would be nice if the file document could be used for this feature.

file icon.png

As for the community being small, if it is your intention for it to grow that would be great, because it is actually refreshingly "warm" here for an Amiga community :)
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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Wed May 23, 2018 6:16 pm

Thank you SO much for the kind comments. I named the site Amiga Love on purpose. I like to think it helps set the tone. :)

As for your suggestions - I’ll look into it! Sounds very cool.
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by McTrinsic posted Thu May 24, 2018 1:26 pm

I agree the tone here is really nice. This is something I do like so much about this forum.

I do think that the forum benefits from its name.

It's nice here.
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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:46 am

I wanted to post a quick update on this. I have looked into it and it is indeed possible. I haven't found an easy plug-and-play script replacement yet (my forum's software is old and no longer supported). But I do think it's something I can get working at some stage. Didn't want you thinking I'd forgotten about this. Been super busy lately. I hope to get that feature installed later this summer and not break the site! :)
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by dalek posted Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:31 am

It's all good thanks - I realised the "First Unread Post" takes you there, even if it means an extra click and page load it's good enough :)

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