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Posted Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:17 pm

Zippy Zapp wrote:
rpiguy9907 wrote: Well if you accept the numbers in that article, then the figure of 22m is likely the sales figures for the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, and all Commodore Amigas (C128 and Amiga sold about 5M each).

The figure of 30M may have referred to all computers produced by Commodore (22m above plus the VIC-20, PET, Plus/4, and PC-Series)
I think it is closer to 17 - 20 million for the C64 alone. The Amiga 500 *alone* sold near 6 Million. C128 was close to 6 million too. Those that worked at Commodore, including Jack Tramiel have stated that it was close to 22 million units sold for the C64. I think I would believe that versus some of the theories that are floating around about serial numbers, etc.
Where does that 6M Amiga 500s figure come from? I’ve never heard it and the only first hand source for Commodore Amiga sales that I know of came from Commodore UK which reported 5M for all Amigas total world wide, which I am inclined to believe given their rarity.

I trust the attempts at empirical numbers derived from multiple sources, serial numbers, stock reports, print articles, etc. more than I trust the memories of Commodorians. How would Tramiel have even known total C64 sales he left the company in 1984 - did Commodore send him courtesy reports on sales numbers for the next 8 years? Bil Herd was an engineer, not involved in c64 production or sales, and was in full animal mode those days, etc.

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