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Re: What's your favourite music on Amiga?

by Lorfarius Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:18 am

Opening to Secret of Monkey Island for me.
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Re: What's your favourite music on Amiga?

by McTrinsic Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:36 am

I'm probably a bit of a weirdo here.
It's the music of Ultima IV, especially the tune you hear when the game on the Amiga is in demo mode. I.e. at the very beginning. On the C64 it was the music the game played when 'peer'ing into a gem.
I played the game at a special time in my life and have kept its message in my heart ever since.
So I'm at peace with myself and the world when hearing this.
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Detroit, MI, USA

Re: What's your favourite music on Amiga?

by Shot97 Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:24 pm

Wing Commander for me. I recorded the entire soundtrack directly from my Amiga here

Monkey Island is of course another excellent choice, also recorded that here

Other games I've recorded (but am not ranking here) include Turrican 3, Amiga BASIC demo music, Marble Madness, Pool of Radiance, Welltris, Faery Tale Adventure, and my own original 13 track album, which was made entirely on the Amiga.

Feel free to listen to them, but do not use them in your own projects (I will know and I will be angry) unless you come to me first.
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Re: What's your favourite music on Amiga?

by A10001986 Thu May 31, 2018 1:04 am

The Amiga music closest to my heart is not the usual Hülsbeck tune everybody and their brother loves. It is not necessarily of any special quality either - it is stuff that (mostly) nobody ever heard, created with a program (almost) nobody ever heard of, by someone nobody every heard of (unless otherwise indicated below or in the MP3 tags). Tunes that really take me back.

My very own favs: ... e.mp3?dl=0 ... e.mp3?dl=0 ... n.mp3?dl=0

A remix of Karsten Obarski's awesome tune for Crystal Hammer: ... r.mp3?dl=0

Some further, lower quality tunes, nevertheless full of nostalgia for me: ... e.mp3?dl=0 ... 7.mp3?dl=0 ... s.mp3?dl=0 ... n.mp3?dl=0 ... r.mp3?dl=0 ... d.mp3?dl=0 ... w.mp3?dl=0 ... s.mp3?dl=0

Remixes from unknown sources (originally a mod, converted to and remixed with MM) ... y.mp3?dl=0

And my very first tune created in early 1987 with a text editor and a "sound compiler" (ie the great-great-grand-father of MusicMaker) ... d.mp3?dl=0

The MP3s were converted from WAVs which were created on an Amiga using a MusicMaker-2-PCM converter. All samples are original Amiga samples, no filters were applied. The Amiga sound was kept as authentic as possible.

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