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by intric8 posted Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:49 pm

I was browsing some Public Domain (PD) disks during lunch today and came across a very curious image.
Amiga Resolver

I found the image on a disk that shipped in January of 1992, but the disk would have been assembled during the end of 1991. Some of the Commodore news found inside was dated November of 1991.

The image appears to be a fan's product concept. None of the text documents on the same disk mention it at all from what I can tell. Strange yet intriguing.

Basically the design mimics the form factor from "electronic organizers" of the era, like the Sharp Wizard. The stats it lists are pretty pie-in-the-sky for the times - hell even for modern times from an Amiga hardware perspective. As a comparison, a very expensive portable Sharp Wizard, which cost north of $600 US at the time, came loaded with 128KB.

Obviously dreamt up in the USA (note the NTSC interface ports) sports a stunning 2MB of RAM and a whopping 40MB hard drive. It even sported a 3.5" floppy drive! Talk about a freaking dream machine that was probably too think to fit in your pocket... But heck, I would have bought a silver metallic hand-cuff briefcase for one of these things. Heck yeah!

Most innovative offering: the dual mini trackpads. Practical? No. Nerdy neat-o? Sure. Impossible? Just about.

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