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Posted Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:11 am

@intric8 - thanks. It's been dispatched and is on it's way to me now. Hopefully it will look as good in real life. Good advice about the drive bays. TBH - I haven't decided how I will source the floppy disks or any other parts for this project as yet. I may end up buying components as needed. Another option would be to buy a non working donor Amiga 2000 and take the parts out of that. Depending on costs - that may end up being the cheaper option. However - even non working A1500 / A2000s seem to be expensive on at the moment. I guess I will see what I can find...

@obitus1990 - 3D printing the faceplate sounds like a good solution. I may well end up going down that route. Thanks.

Been thinking about what I will do with the A2000 when I finally complete it. I already have an A1200 with a 030 accelerator card and WHDLoad etc. So I think I would be looking to keep the A2000 old skool - i.e. running 1.3 roms. Much the same as my A1500 back in the day. Only thing modern I might consider putting in there would maybe be a SCSI2SD card adaptor or something like that. Playing games off floppy would seem to be the order of the day. :D

But I need to stop daydreaming. Many hours of hard work before that. :D

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:28 am

I keep my A2000 "old school" with OS 1.3 but I enjoy adding lots of things to it. That's what the 2000 was made to do!

So, mine is set up like this:
  • GeForce 030 @ 40 Mhz
  • 2MB Chip
  • 16 MB Fast
  • 40MB orig boot HDD
  • 4GB scsi2sd HDD (where I do most of my work)
  • Iomega 100mb Zip Drive (plugged into the back of the GeForce)
  • 44mb SyQuest Drive (mostly for looks, but it works)
Plus dual floppies, multiple keyboards (which I hope to show soon), and piles of peripherals. The 2000 is a fantastic machine that usually doesn't get much love due to its looks compared to her siblings. But out of all of my machines, she always just works.

I also have a 2nd A2000 that was DOA which I've used on a few occasions as a parts machine. Having that 2nd machine can bring peace of mind for sure.

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Posted Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:03 am

That sure sounds like a great A2000.

Yeah - I take your point about expandability - that's definitely what the A2000 is all about. Come to think of it - an 030 accelerator would be pretty sweet. :D

I suppose the point I am making is that although WHDLoad is great. I kind of miss the experience of loading a game off floppies. Listening to the drive grinding away with it's characteristic noise. :D Many of the games I remember from BITD will not run on an A1200 without WHDLoad. 1.3 roms is def the way to go for maximum compatibility.

As for the donor machine - yeah - this would bring peace of mind. I actually bid on an A1500 today. But I was outbid. Plenty more fish in the sea I guess...

And looks wise - I think the A2000 is kind of beatiful - in it's own kind of way. :D

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Posted Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:25 pm

You can start with WHDLoad and then still play special games from FDD.

Thats how I do it. Quite often, porbably, you will find yourself just firing up WHDLoad.

Its just SO convenient.

Granted, nothing beats loading your favorite game from FDD :D

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