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OnyxSoft FlashROM

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 1:59 pm
by obitus1990
Since I’m out of work for a month, I decided to do a few random projects to keep my mind off all this depressing COVID-19 stuff.

I built a Flash to Kickstart adapter that was opensourced Byblos onyxsoft in Sweden. Had the PCBs made at OSHpark and bought the other parts on eBay.

It’s a cool design in that it is also a kickstart switch! Simply move the jumper and you can switch between 2 different ROMs, in my case, 3.1.4 and DIagROM.

I used a SuperPro601p programmer and one of GGLab’s FR216-Prog adapters to program it, as well as his direct to 48-pin programmer adapters since I don’t have a TL866 Tsop to DIP adapter.

I had to make one mod to the design to get it to work, because the GGLab products are made to program his own version of a flash to kickstart adapter, the FR216. The OnyxSoft adapter lacks a connection for the BUSY signal, so if you use a super pro, it won’t let you program it because that signal, on Pin 15 of the Flash, will be missing. I had to solder a 30G patch directly to pin 15 of the flash iC then jumper that to the BUSY pin on the GGLab programmer. This worked perfectly. The wire is still attached right now (the red one) for testing but will be removed after.

Re: OnyxSoft FlashROM

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 2:05 pm
by obitus1990