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by McTrinsic posted Thu May 24, 2018 1:41 pm


maybe this is all not new to you but I thought I would share something I recently learned about the SCSI2SD. I own a v5, the other versions should be similar.

So far I always thought that especially in the v5, the SD and the SCSI2SD made an individual setup with 2 elements. That's because when you put in an SD and set up the SCSI2SD with the help of e.g. your PC, the software might create a virtual drive with 2GB, even if the SD is bigger. This is actually helpful to enhance compatibility. You can then define more virtual drives. Due to the logic of this setup, the Amiga will see up to 4 drives of the size you defined. This feature for compatibility comes at the cost of the SD being only readable from an SCSI host adapter (read: Amiga ;) ) and not on the PC.

However, I very recently found out that this needs only be true for multiple virtual drives.
Actually, you can create a single drive that covers all blocks on the SD starting with zero. Starting with 0 is important, though.

If you do so, you can access the SD from a cardreader. Consequently, you can access the SD from WinUAE just like with your Amiga.

This recently saved me a lot of time when writing back a backup of my main partition.

Where I previously had 4 drives I now have 4 partitions in place.

Depending on the host adapter in your Amiga, ymmv.

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