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Posted Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:53 pm

Zippy Zapp wrote:I have a GQ4X and an adapter but have only used it to burn ROMs for 8-bit stuff. Never had a problem. Are the adapters interchangeable? Can you use the adapter for the GQ4X on a TL866/TL866II? I would think so but not sure.
I'd also guess 'probably' for the main DIP socket, but I'm not sure about the rest. But anyone who has a TL855 should look at this very inexpensive adapter.

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Posted Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:06 pm

Hi! And thanks for the kind words. I really need to update my site... You can see some newer things here including one Amiga-related design (bracket for putting an RT-50B in a 500/600/1200 power supply housing.) Also

I mostly work in Fusion (which can be had for free by hobbyists) and once in a blue moon I'll roll up my sleeves and open Rhino. I've not been 3D modeling long, in the grand scheme of things. I started out using SketchUp a few years back and then [the great but now defunct] 123D Design. I still have a working install of the latter, so I'll sometimes use it for quick jobs (like the Rt-50B bracket, for instance - that was 90% measuring and 10% modeling). Maya... no, Maya frightens me. haha! I'm definitely grok solid modeling best.

Amiga 4000? I wish! A rare unicorn these days. My Amiga 1200 is my main machine, but I also have a working 1000 (which I just bought recently - the A1000 was the second computer I ever owned and have always wanted another). I also have a couple of 500s and I'm looking to build up my Rev6 (w/ ACA500plus) in a Checkmate Plus case once they're available for sale.

Anywho. Thanks again for the 'howdy'.
intric8 wrote:@mmcfee

Welcome! Thanks for coming out of the shadows.

I found your site with some of your incredible 3D work. What's your current 3D modelling package these days?

About 13 years ago I was an expert in Maya. Well, I was a generalist. And while I could model (relaxing) and texture (oddly frustrating) and rig (which I hated) and animate (felt like work when doing bipeds) my favorite part of the pipeline was really compositing and background painting. And that included the lighting/texturing pieces - when it worked. Hah!

But then I went back to work in the Internet/Mobile world and those skills waned away. I do miss it and enjoyed seeing some of your models this morning.

My 3D path was a long and intermittent one. In the late 90s I started with 3D Studio r4, right before Max came out. Then I took a long hiatus (dot com boom happened) before jumping head first into Maya for 2 straight years and fell in love with it. These days, 3D packages (esp on the Mac) aren't easy to get into, feels like. Maybe Blender?

Or... Lightwave on an Amiga 4000? =)

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Posted Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:07 pm

Regarding the ROM burning issues.

Kipper2k is about to release a really cool alternative via Amiga on the lake exclusively.

It’s called ROMulator and will allow you to choose a ROM file from an SD card.

It’s meant to be a drop-in replacement for a KickROM.

No more burning :). For good and for bad ;)

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