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by Doma posted Tue Dec 18, 2018 6:09 am

EDIT: This has now been fixed. The fix was to set the RAM-board jumper to CDTV and not A500. Also disable the RAM in the 590 with a jumper. It now boots into 1.3 from the HDD and I also now has 9mb of RAM in 1.3 All good!


I got myself one of these guys for my A500: ... 2749.l2649

Being tired of "only" having 2mb RAM for my A500 and wanting to expand it a bit more, I popped it in as can be seen in the pictures

Firing up my Amiga I noticed that it no longer auto-booted from the A590.

Loading WB from disk I also noted that it did not show up at all in WB.

Popped the disk into one of my backup A500 without the new RAM upgrade, disk booted just fine.

Anything I am missing here? Is there a way to get the disk to boot with the RAM upgrade installed?

Will note that the RAM Upgrade is working fantastic. Workbench showing 9mb RAM.
Just no harddrive :(

EDIT: Got some discussion going over at facebook: ... 497499157/

Apparently "this ram card got no autoconfig, cant be used with a590."

Well thats a bummer indeed.

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by Doma posted Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:02 am


Setting the jumper on the RAM-card to CDTV makes it work better.

It crashes during auto-boot, but if I load WB from floppy, I can access the hardisk and it works fine. Shows both the hardrive and 9MB of RAM.

Accessing the drive works, but running programs makes WB crash. I will try to disable the RAM in the 590

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