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by joethezombie posted Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:55 pm

Some of you may remember my previous A3000 battery repair. Today, I had the opportunity to repair another A3000 board. Luckily, this one was no where near as bad!

At first, it looked to have very minimal damage. But looks can be deceiving! I removed the battery and components that looked affected. Here's how it looked after sitting for 30 minutes with battery neutralizer:

I used a fiberglass pen to remove every bit of corrosion. Where it got down near the positive battery post, I had to remove some of the substrate to make sure all the corrosive juices were eliminated . All cleaned up and looking shiny!

I then tinned the bare copper, and finally applied new solder mask. I tried to make it a lot more squared off this time, to look better than the last repair which ended up looking like an ooze fest. I think I may pull that other board and mask off the repair for another layer of the UV curable paint in nice square angles. That should make it look a lot better.

Overall, really happy with how this went. Of course, it REALLY helps a lot to catch these before they spread disease and destruction all over the area. Check your boards boys!
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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:59 pm

Awesome work, Joe!

Does your 3000 live?
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by joethezombie posted Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:09 pm

Yes, it lives! But it was working before, too... it's my normal-use machine. Just some mitigation so that it keeps working! It's that other repair I linked (given to me "for parts") that never worked. But I was able to revive it. So now I have two A3000! No one can have too many Amiga!

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