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How to create a cool 3D pointer for your Workbench

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:11 pm
by intric8
This is a pretty superficial post purely for aesthetics, but I'd been given a compliment once for a screenshot I shared on Twitter. Not of the actual content of the screenshot, mind you, but of my pointer in Workbench!

The default pointer is fine, of course, but I wanted something with a bit of depth. Using the Workbench's "Pointer" utility in the Prefs drawer it's not very hard to do. Honestly, it's really pretty awesome that the engineers allowed this kind of editing of the OS in the first place. So why not?

Attached are close-ups of the pixels involved in case you want to try something similar (or make your own!). If you have a custom pointer you're proud of, I'd love to see it of course!

Up close and personal, viewed on a CRT screen

Viewed on a CRT screen - normal view.

The fantastic Pointer program in Prefs, where you can see all of the details of my pointer in its various forms.

Note: If you decide to try this out, do remember to "Set Point" at the end. This allows you to set where the point's tip actually clicks on things. With this new design, I put mine on the very tippy top pixel - which is actually red, but the Set Point over-writes it on-screen with a small orange square. Where that orange square is there really is a red pixel behind it.

Re: How to create a cool 3D pointer for your Workbench

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:55 am
by intric8
Minor update to the final pointer - I made the arrow's stem slightly shorter. Note, too, that the "set point" is now in the white outline.

This is done.