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Posted Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:49 am

Okey-Dokey, I edited my last big post and added the startup-sequence file, the startup-sequence.hd file and the user-startup file. the startup-sequence file is where Bootman is being executed, so since I broke that, I commented out the line: run >nil: s:BootMan, and then rebooted theAmigaafter taking out the GVP hard drive controller, and reconnecting my existing hard drive tro the GVP 68040 accelerator card. And Whoops, the computer now locks up in booting as it did after I messed up BootMan. Soooo, I booted from my floppy WB 3.1, and ran Diskmaster II which let me rename the files, so I renamed my offending startup-sequence to startup-sequenceold, and renamed the startup-sedquence.hd to startup-sequence. This works to boot up though I get and error as 'Speak' dose not exist, and I also am back to getting the please insert volume HELP in any drive (which I do not know anything about), but I just cancel that and the boot completes. I can not run Black Crypt from the hard drive as I guess it wants a WB 1.3, though I am certain I was able to run it before my original battery leakage misery. I am also still unable to run the Startrek demo I mentioned previously, as it says can't open my "c:superview.3" even though I have not done anything to cause that file to be unavailable (that I know of anyway, yet I can not find it either). The computer boots up into the screens created by MagicWB as it did before my misery (can I call the battery leakage that LoL?), and OPUS 5 works the way it use to also. Now, I wonder if the stuff that is started in the 'new' startup-sequence file is what I need for all my booting needs (I really did not need BootMan)? I have an other file called starseq which looks like a renamed startup-sequence, and I will attach it to this post. My problem here is that I don not understand all the sets, assigns and the commands issued inside the several 'IF EXISTS' routines, so I don't know what is important and what is not. Mostly as long as stuff works (my hard drive, the floppy's, the music card, and maybe if I get the energy to try my SyQuest drive which was working before my misery happened. If anyone that has a better grasp of the AmigaOS commands and what they do can direct me to adecent book on the stuff that would be nice, or I could ask for someone to give me a tutoring in it but that is asking a lot from some one. So here I am your humble idiot, Tom

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:17 pm

Whew - there's a lot here.

One thing of note: your Startup-Sequence appears to have been one left over from KS/WB 2.0, not 3.1. That probably doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but you're likely seeing a message during boot-up that claims you're launching 2.1 rather than 3.1.

But it does make me wonder... I know you have a 3.1 floppy disk you can fall back on, but are you sure the Workbench installed on the hard drive is actually 3.1? Again - shouldn't really affect the boot-up process at all. Just weird to see that in your files.

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Posted Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:57 pm

Okay, a few days later. Whew, my sickness and work have taken a toll on my so I am a bit slow on some of this stuff. intrac8, you are right, once booted into the hard drive, the about WB gives me kickstart 40.63, and Workbench gives me 38.35 which according to wikipedia is more or less WB 2.1 (prob 2.04). The about WB from my floppy 3.1 boot gives kick 40.63, WB 40.42, which is of course WB 3.1. I am curious, I can not seem to find out how to upgrade a hard drive to a newer Workbench version unless you re format, anyone know anything about that? I also tried using the script file 'starseq' as the startup-sequence, but I get left in a cli window so it does not endcli like the other scripts do so I went back to the last method that booted the hard drive. Another thing that I am puzzled by is that apparently due to SCSI ID numbers I can not get the GVP controller on the accelerator card to recognize any other hard drive, 2 of which I know they work, and 2 that are suppose to be working but I can not verify. HDTool_box and the Fastprep software from GVP do not recognize the drives at all, this being due I guess because of the SCSI ID's. I have IDed the other drives, and the ID's I use are different from what is booting (3) and the controller which is per GVP set to 7. I'm sorry, I think I am starting to ramble, and so I will stop here for now, I am going to try to see if there is any guide or readme on the hard drive for the Star Trek demo I mentioned, I seem to recall the binary file and the .info file, a short readme from the author explaining how much work the data gathering was, but nothing else. More to follow. Thjanks for all the help sofar. Tom

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