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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:21 pm

I'm been stocking up on games in preparation for Fall. I'm in the midst of playing Silent Service still, and am dying to jump into Starflight 2 a.s.a.p. But I've been looking for Castles at a reasonable price for a really long time and when I saw it in an auction recently I had to go for it.

It was coded on the Amiga by Silicon Synapse, which later changed its name to Chaos and ultimately to Blizzard. I had to get some of that!

The basic idea is you are given castle pieces that you are to map out and build. Gates, walls, square and round towers, etc. I think it's sort of a resource management game mixed with some sort of background storyline. Sounds interesting and fairly unique.

Whenever I'd seen it show up in the past (which was rare) the price was always set at such a level that I felt the owner didn't really want to sell it. After many months this new auction appeared, and well below typical prices - and it had a "Make an Offer" button, which is sometimes a chance to knock your shipping charge in half.

In addition it was part of a lot! Not only was Castles in the mix, but so was Space Quest 2 and 4! Three boxed games for less than the price of one! Granted I wasn't really looking for Space Quests but I'm not going to say no to what felt like free.

And, of course, the game disks work flawlessly. This is the type of game that came with no copy protection, and you were forced to make copies and play off the copies. As a result the original disks are mint.

Going to start digging into this one quick! Looks and sounds awesome.

Check out how the original receipt was still in the box. <3
Castles original box contents.
There is no copy protection, so the game asks about words found on the various pages of the manual as a means of dissuading disk theft.
Always a fantastic feeling when a software investment pays off with fully functional disks!
The graphics look pretty slick.
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Zippy Zapp

by Zippy Zapp posted Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:07 pm

Nice find. That is a fun game. I do not believe I have these for Amiga, I think I have the DOS versions. Well at least they were 256 color VGA and supported Sound Blaster music and sound.

But yeah Starflight 1 and 2 are some of my type of game. Looking forward to that. I have to see if I still have my copies from way back when.

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