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Posted Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:01 am


I really want to use only WB1.3 on my Amiga 1000 so I searched a solution to use IDE on the Classic 520 (a new card for A500 and compatible with A1000) with Kickstart 1.3.

It's maybe possible to make an "autoboot" disk but I also asked the question to Viktor from iRIX Labs, conceptor of the card. This is his answer and I like it :
You can create a "hacked" Kickstart 1.3 image with scsi.device. It will boot the CF card under 1.3.
Btw, Kickstart 3.1 is recommended for daily use.
I will try both (when I'll buy and receive my Classic 520) ;)

Link to the official website :

But before, I must test my disk drive... I hope it works so I will not buy a HxC too... :shock:

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Posted Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:40 pm

Sorry they dont have a manual for the 520 board on their website.

So I can not find out f you can load a ROM into the board.

Or if you need a modified KickROM Disk for the A1000.

To write any ROM to a Disk so that it becomes an A1000 Kickdisk, even a modified ROM, you can use

To modify a rom first use REMUS and ROMSplit:
... you might need an emulated Amiga, though, looking at the requirements of the software.

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Posted Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:23 am

I don't think you can add a scsi.device driver to a A1000 kickstart disk. I don't think there is enough room.
You have to add a kickstart adapter and create a custom ROM.

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New Orleans, LA, USA

Posted Sun Aug 11, 2019 8:19 pm

You can skip the HxC and spend a lot less money by buying a Gotek drive, flashing it using Keir Fraser's EXCELLENT Flashfloppy firmware, and wind up spending only 1/3 of what one of those Lothartek HxC drives cost. I bought one of those before I knew any better, and spent over $100 to get it sent to me from Amedia in France. A Gotek on eBay or elsewhere is going to cost you $20. Hope that helps to keep your cash in your pocket :)

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Posted Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:16 pm

I like my HxC :)

Anyways - there is a tool on Aminet that allows you to have a very small Workbench and the KickROM on one disk for the A1000.

You could then load the scsi.device from that small WB, execute a reset and boot then from the CF.


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Posted Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:27 am

Hi all,

First of all, thank you !

I want to leave this A1000 in his juice (like we say in France) and I don't want to put an HxC inside my A1000. I'll try to find a not working A1010 in order to put in the HxC (and maybe the Classic 520). I know I'll need a floppy selector if I want to boot from the external HxC. I'm not a fan of the Gotek (don't like how it looks like) and HxC seems, to me and for my usage, more useful/useable.

For the 520, we can put Kickstart directly in the 520 (and select Kickstart via a menu), so it could be "easy" to make and use my personnal Kickstart.

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Posted Mon Aug 26, 2019 12:49 pm

Hello all !

I received a Classic 520, a DF0 Selector, an A500 floppy driver, a HxC, all for my Amiga 1000. My A1000 is really happy, it's like his birthday :lol:

There is no documentation yet for the C520, but the documentation of the HC508 can be used for the C520.

For your information, we need to "flash" the Kickstart into the C520 with a software only once. After that, the C520 can use it if you activate the Kickstart in the menu.
In this menu, you can activate/desactivate Kickstart, 8 Mo of FAST, 68020 and IDE. If you only desactivate the 68020, only 4 Mo can be used.

My first impressions on that C520 are very good. It's fast as hell ! ~6 Mo/sec for the reading speed of the CF Card ! My C520 comes with an installation of AmigaOS 3.1 and with a kickstart 3.1 on the flash rom, and the A1000 boots the WB3.1 in a very few seconds ! It's impressive !

And the last very good point I noticed, fast memory is recognized even if I boot on WB1.3 with my KickWork 1.3 ! (yes, I maked a KickWork disk, not with KickWork from mister Loew but with the mkkickwork from Piru, I'll try to post something on this great piece of software later).

That all, but I'll give you some more feedback later ! ;)

/me is very happy, and his A1000 too :shock:

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Posted Mon Aug 26, 2019 10:20 pm

Sounds like you are having fun.
And sounds like the Amiga also has fun :) .

Good work, keep it up.

Let us know what you are doing with this beauty.

What’s next - WHDLoad?

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Posted Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:14 pm

I want to use it in a way more "professional" ;)

I was reading some topics here yesterday and, as I want to test Excellence!, I was happy to see Intric8 and others members testing WordPerfect and others word processing softwares. I'll probably make some tests too.

But, first of all, I must boot on 1.3 and mount the CF on the C520 ! After that, I'll finish the integration in the Commodore 1010 and then, I'll give a try to WHDLoad.

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