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by Dynamic_Computing posted Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:23 am

Turn on those Amiga's and launch DeluxePaint! It's time for the First Annual Amiga Art Contest! I have joined up with Pixel Vixen and Amiga on the Lake to host a fun art contest using our Amiga's as the paint brush.

The rules are simple:

Use an Amiga to create the artwork. A real one or virtual one is just fine.
Submit your artwork to one, two or all three categories below
Have fun and tell your friends about the contest!

The three categories are as follows:

1. Hand Drawn Artwork - Anything you create yourself in a paint package would meet this criteria. Anime, modern art, cartoons - if you can draw it, submit it!

2. Digital Photography. Get those pictures into the Amiga! Digi-View, DCTV, load a .JPG image from your digital camera into AdPro - however you bring your digital images into the Amiga is OK by us. But then show us your creative side, don't just submit a picture, make it something beautiful and creative with the power of the Amiga!

3. Ray Tracing - Amiga was King of the Hill with Ray tracing for years. Dust off that old copy of Turbo Silver and show us what you can create!

Any Amiga format is fine, from 2 color, to HAM6 and HAM8 all the way up to 24 bit from an RTG card! As long as your Amiga created it, you can submit it.

Please Email your artwork to me - - If you would rather upload it to a dropbox link that can be provided. .IFF format is great, but any format you create should be OK. Please include the Hardware and Software you used in your creation, and include a description of how you did it if you want.

The winner in each category (judged by Vicky and myself) will win a brand-new copy of Personal Paint 7.3C donated by Amiga on the Lake! The contest will go all throughout September and we will announce the winners in October.

Of course I will do an entire show showing off all of the artwork.
Questions? Just reach out to me on Twitter @10marc1 or email me

Have fun!
@10marc1 on Twitter

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