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C64 RPi 3 conversion

by mattsoft Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:49 pm

Not directly Amiga related, but Commodore related, so, uhhh...

I actually started this RPi conversion first, but I got sidetracked and ended up finishing the Amiga 500 one first. More on that here.

So the objective here was to take a C64 breadbin case and keyboard and put a Raspberry Pi 3 into it; keeping the keyboard and joystick ports working, but also giving me HDMI, USB controller support, and modem emulation. While I still have 2 real Commodore 64s (and an Ultimate64 on the way!), I like using the RPi and Vice to play 64 games.

These mounts do not require you to drill or cut your C64 case! The 3D files are provisioned under the creative commons license so they are FREE to use, distribute, modify, or even sell.


Everything in its place.

Beautiful backside -- from right to left -- micro USB power, power switch, HDMI.

Outside shot of the Keyrah.


1. Print out the 3D parts. You will have left, middle, right, and 3 washer pieces.
2. Put the 4 heat sets into the mounting holes of the left piece. Use a soldering iron to heat them into place.
3. Screw in the micro USB and HDMI panel mount cables into the heat sets.
4. Snap the left piece into the back. Screw the 2 washers into place to hold that piece down.
5. Put the 4 heat sets into the RPi mounting holes of the middle piece. Place it into the case and use the 3rd washer to screw it to the case.
6. Mount the RPi onto the middle piece as shown in the case.
7. Place the right piece onto the Keyrah -- note how the piece "wraps" the external USB port of the Keyrah. Place into the case and screw down. You do NOT need to screw the bracket into case, but can if you wish.
8. Place the power switch in the left piece and connect to the PowerBlock. Connect the keyboard to the Keyrah, and the LED to the PowerBlock. Plug the PowerBlock into the RPi.
9. Turn on!

Parts List

(1) Raspberry Pi 3B
(1) Micro SD card
(1) Keyrah v2
(1) PowerBlock
(1) Micro USB male to female panel mount cable
(1) HDMI panel mount cable
(1) 14x9mm power switch
(4) M2 x 5mm screws
(8) M2 x 3mm brass heat sets
(8) M2 5mm x 1mm flat insulating washers
(1) Header pins for the internal Keyrah USB -- you will need to solder these to the Keyrah
(1) USB-A to header cable for connecting the Keyrah to the RPi
(2) Test clips or other wire to connect the power switch to the PowerBlock


I started out using the awesome Combian 64, but ended up eventually rolling my own. While I could go into the Raspbian/Vice build I have made for this, I recommended starting with Combian 64 for ease of use.

You will need to install the PowerBlock driver for it to work.


STL Files

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