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Posted Wed May 30, 2018 5:55 pm

And I shall wear them with pride! These are pretty freaking snazzy, amiright?

This all started last weekend on May 25, aka Arthur Dent's "Towel Tuesday". I saw a post somewhere of a older gent hiking up his pants to reveal his very cool Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy socks. I immediately started looking around and found a pair on Amazon. It was irresistible after I saw how "Don't Panic" was put on the soles.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy socks? Oh hell yes.

Later that same day - and for the life of me I can't remember who posted about it - but someone on Twitter posted about having some Barnstorming socks. I thought, "Barnstorming socks? What other options might there be?!"

I love the old Activision games on the 2600. Who doesn't?
So I got to looking around and found an awesome (I think it's awesome) 3-pack. It includes Pitfall (one of my favorites), Kaboom, and Freeway (the Frogger clone with a chicken, ya know, crossing the road).

One of my all-time faves from the 2600 days and 8-bit days.

I remember playing this crazy game on a black and white TV!

Unfortunately I found out after-the-fact I could have gotten a 5-pack with everything. Oh well. I guess when mine wear out I can go all-in next time.

"What's that game, Daddy?"
"Oh, that's the original Crossy Road, of course." :)

Don't be jealous. ;)

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